Tips on How to Build a Website that is Search Engine Optimized

Most of the times, being a SEO specialist, you will be asked to increase internet rankings of an existing website. However, incorporating SEO in your web design from the beginning of your website build will guarantee that your website is launched with the basic SEO elements in place. To attain to this, it is paramount that web developers and designers work hand in hand so that the appearance of the website is not at stake at the expense of SEO and vice versa. Read more great facts on  Web Developers in Sydney, click here. 

Normally a good SEO compliant web development process entails taking note of the information architectural design so that the website developed is both intuitive and is easily identifiable by the search engines. There are many guidelines that are important and we will endeavor to look at some of them in this write-up.

Firstly, let your website code be simple to understand and follow conventional programming standards. Also, when you publish your site, ensure that blocks of code that were commented out are deleted from your source code. These blocks of code are no longer useful and make your code to appear junky and messed up. In ideal cases, search engines will pick up such websites quite easier as opposed to sites which violate this basic rule. For more useful reference regarding  Digital Agencies in Sydney, have a peek here.

Next, ensure that you don't have duplicate content on different sites. Some entities own more than one website and there is a temptation to duplicate content across these websites. However, search engines could fail to rank the right site if you have duplicate content. Try to have as much content as possible and let each content be unique.

Thirdly, avoid pages that are splashy. Although they may appear intuitive, these pages are sometimes known to block such engines and as a result, they lead to low rankings. Therefore, as a good practice, if these kinds of pages have to be used, make sure you use just a bare minimum and concentrate on pages that will not block search engines but will work to increase your website rankings.

Also, if your site is to contain images, ensure that you offer descriptive information for such images. Image names are not sufficient to give you good rankings. Usually, image names are short and are non-descriptive. However, when you add descriptions to your images, search engines can easily detect the descriptions and therefore will rank your site when searches related to your image descriptions are passed to the search engines.